What do we do?

Rubio y Castaño S.L is specialized in the manufacture of children’s and youth footwear, offering footwear of the best quality, always focused on the trends of each season.

As a white label manufacturer, Rubio y Castaño S.L is also dedicated to the manufacture of women’s and men’s footwear, manufacturing for different well-known brands in the sector.

Rubio y Castaño S.L has a wide variety of footwear for both our little ones and the older ones, always providing the best quality and confidence to our customers.


Since 1996

Rubio y Castaño S.L. was born in 1996 and since then it is producing the best quality shoes for babies and kids. Every season it uses new tends in order to kids will always walk comfortably, safe and in Vogue!


Its founder, Antonio Rubio Valiente, has worked more than 45 years in shoes production and his specialization was the centered shoe, job that nowadays is ongoing for his children in order to offer the best quality shoes. Antonio started in this sector as a worker until he decided in 1996 together with his family, his children and his wife, to move on to a new business project and the result was the foundation of Rubio y Castaño, S.L.

The incomparable Antonio´s experience and the new blood of his children, with the indefatigable support of her wife, cause that this company is always looking toward the future, improving its work, and adding new techniques and new manufacture ways production in order to offer its clients always the best and cover the specifics necessities each one of them.

Specialty of the house

While his strength point is BABY SHOE and FIRST STEP/CRAWL SHOES production, their eagerness to better themselves and its progress made the introduction of HALLEY section in 2009, his growth has been slow but sure focus on reaching good position in the market.

Despite of the economic crisis engulfing the country in 2012 and specially shoe sector, they decided open new horizons and added two new sections: STROBEL AND KIOWAS, to give the best and complete service its clients.

We are here to help you, don’t forget that you can contact us if you have any questions or needs.


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